As a lot of you may have picked up, I’m a big fan of Green Smoothies. Once I heard about the amazing benefits and they actually can be tasty, I have been an advocate ever since. Now this doesn’t mean I am against juicing whatsoever, I just have my personal preferences because I feel you don’t loose as much nutrition from Blending than Juicing. I get asked a lot what the difference is, which one is better for you, etc. I really feel they are both great. If you can do either one more power to you! But to give you some better verbiage on it here is some laid out information to see for yourself which one you would prefer:

So what is the difference between blending and juicing?

Blenders retain everything from the food. 

Blenders literally just blend all the fiber and pulp together. It’s as easy and simple as that.  Some people might think that because you are getting some much flavor from the blending process, it is a little intense.

Juicers separate the pulp from the juice and we drink the juice only.

When you first start out, juicing  can be a lot easier and gentler on your body.  Because you are not just throwing raw kale stems, lemon peals etc. to digest, it breaks it down even more with the juicer so that your body isn’t hit as hard.

Whether you are juicing or blending to treat a health condition or just to stay healthy, you will experience a detoxification process. Some people who have a lot of toxins in their body might experience some negative side effects (which are fairly minor) , but this is a good sign that those toxins are being flushed out.

When you advance, and if you enjoy the texture, go ahead and make smoothies.

When we juice green vegetables, we liberate the chlorophyll and our bodies immediately absorb it.  Chlorophyll is a detoxifier, deodorant and is an incredible healer of inner and topical inflammation and wounds.  The chlorophyll remakes our blood.  It is centered on magnesium and our blood is centered on iron.

You need to be careful to use simple juices if you are on a lot of medication.  If you are very sick, you will probably release toxins very quickly.  Chlorophyll is a neutralizer of toxins and can deal with anything you have.  It is good for kidney, heart and liver conditions. Simply said, Green juice is an amazing detoxifier.

Comment below with your experiences surrounding juicing and/or blending? Good or bad. Every experience is a learning experience toward a Simply Balanced Health!