Mastin Kipp writes a Blog called Daily Love and this post was forwarded to me from a beautiful friend.  I felt I needed to share this as it is perfectly said in my opinion.

From Mastin-

“You got your green juice.

You got your lululemon.

You got your gluten free yummies and your raw delights.

Maybe you’ve even got your down dog perfected and haven’t had dairy in a while.
But here’s my question: how loving are you, really?

I’ve always said that I’d rather hang out with an atheist meat eating truck driver than the passive aggressive judgmental vegan yoga teacher any day.

You know who I’m talking about.

Spirituality isn’t about what you wear. It’s not about who your guru is. It’s not about your food allergies or your candida cleanse.

Spirituality is simply a measure of how loving you are.

Plain and simple.

Sure, I like green juice as much as the next seeker, but no amount of alkalinity will be enough for me to act in a loving way.

If you want to see who you really are in this moment, watch your words and actions.
Are you living with an open heart? Or are you closing down and holding on to certainty so much that you judge others who aren’t exactly like you?

Are you hiding behind that lululemon logo with a pretend smile that everything is all good, or are you letting yourself fall to pieces because right now, you just don’t know what’s going to happen next?

No amount of stuff can replace not feeling your feelings. No amount of spiritual garb will make you loving.

It’s a choice, in each and every moment, to stretch beyond what you thought was possible and dive deep into the priceless and vulnerable space of your own heart.

Can you let your ego die and let go of the need to be right instead of trying to keep up with the illusion of perfection?

I have nothing against gluten free alkaline yoga bliss – I love all these things and practice them myself.

But regardless – the same question remains whether vegan, allergic to dairy or not – are you Loving or are you not? Is your heart open or is it not…

And if not – why not?

The answer to that question is where the real work is.

What’s your answer?”

It’s hard to not get caught up in the judgmental comments/thoughts , the perfectionist personality and the competition but is it coming from a true loving place? For a long time I thought certain poses in yoga were what made you a real yogi and it frustrated me that I couldn’t do them. But that’s not what the practice is about , hint the word practice. Finding your strengths and weaknesses,  connecting with others and enjoying their own journeys I feel make you a stronger and more knowledgeable individual.

Would of course always love to hear your thoughts and comments ! Hope you loved this blog post as much as me!