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A little bit about me.  I am Tiffany Serell, a graduate of Bellevue College, class of 2012, with tremendous passion for health, nutrition, whole body wellness, and helping people to recognize and achieve changes they want to make for themselves to have a healthier and happier future. I’ve combined my two loves of health and helping people to create a safe, approachable method for everyone curious about how to transform their bodies and minds starting right now.

I realized quickly after graduating with my degree that I needed to pursue my passion further, so I continued my education and became a Certified Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. The program trained me in over 100 dietary theories and gave me a variety of practical lifestyle coaching methods and tools, allowing me to apply this unique knowledge to every unique individual health plan.

ABOUT ME COLLAGEMy dream and mission of Simply Balanced Health is “…built upon the grounds of my own personal struggles” so my quest to aid and support you in your journey to overcome and understand your health and life pursuits. Believe me, I’ve tried countless ways to overcome my own struggles through fad diets, medications, and therapy and through my own trials and tribulations, years of studying in the classroom and in my own life I have been able to become a stronger, healthier individual and in a position to help guide anyone looking to do the same in their own life. I believe in creating a complete sustainable, healthy life through balance and knowledge. I believe we can do without counting calories, intense and obsessive workout sessions, and eliminating the pressure of needing to look a certain way. Plain and simple, I live my life simply, balanced and healthy.

Can you relate to any of these issues that you may be dealing with in your daily life? Are you ready to start living a balanced healthy life but are frustrated and struggling with where to start? I am here to help coach you in finding your unique, individual path to happiness and wellness, and keep you accountable to your goals.

I am constantly studying at what our bodies can do when we nurture them and the opportunities that unfold when we open ourselves to change. With my passion to help you make a change and your dedication to take the steps to a new life, together we can motivate and guarantee to see results and success.

Curious about what it takes to change your life, today?

You are capable. You are everything you need to start making this change. Contact me and let’s talk about doing this, together.

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I offer a free Meet & Greet Session – a confidential consultation – to those who are interested in working with me. 50 minutes of just you and me. We will discover if we are right for each other. And you’ll learn if health coaching is for you. Simple as that.

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