Do you remember playing the game “What if” as kids? When I was babysitting not too long ago we played this game, which I didn’t even know kids these days remembered but it got me thinking of why not apply this to our daily life?  This is an exercise I encourage you to try either on your own or by opening up and sharing your thoughts with one another. This is a great way to grow your emotions you may not be as open about, close your eyes and visualize the answers.


 What if…you could achieve anything you set your mind to?  What would you do?


 What if…you were to wake up each morning with self-love, gratitude and confidence? How would that change your day?


 What if …you closed your eyes and envisioned good things in your life?  What do you see?


 What if…you controlled what enters your mind.  What would be there?


I am far from perfect and know I need to work on this daily, but I can say from experience when I do practice these mindful and visual thoughts it is easier to see happiness and hope. Starting your day out with a unhealthy mindset, tends to set the mood for the rest of your day. Remember you are in control of your thoughts.

This is one of the most powerful truths you can know.  You will always have control of your feelings.

You are powerful beyond your wildest dreams.

When you own your power, your life changes.

Not so sure or hesitant to try?

Practice. Print this out or write one “what if” down and see if it benefits you in any way.

This exercise is to help replace your thoughts with the positive. We are used to so many negatives that pop into our minds on a daily basis it becomes a never ending circle.   Try to turn that negative thought into a picture…close your eyes and see it in a positive light. Practice, practice, practice.  You can transform your thoughts and in transforming your thoughts…you change your life.

What if…you do this every day?  What would your day look like if you woke up in the morning expecting happiness, health and success? I look forward to hearing your amazing stories in the comments below!